Monday, September 17, 2018

Not Going that Well

17 September 2018

Today I managed to read one article of Life Writing. I understand slightly from overall. After had one apple for breakfast, I grab my sling bag and went straight to library. I thought I want to log into the university system and print it but the computer room was closed today. I almost forgotten about the closure during the public holiday. Thus I was ended up sitting in between of book shelves and dived inside of every books that I picked up. 

I found a lot of interesting books, all about writing stuff. I learnt a lot about those. I was not thinking many times in the library and I went straight to buy two sets of plain white rice for my lunch and dinner. I think I was slowly learn how to manage my finance. But I need a lot of practice and control over it. The uncle who sells food from the food truck recognize me, I felt fortunate enough that he recognize me. I mean like, I must have done something to bring such attention from him to me. I used to buy once from him but he recognize me right away…That was totally nice.

After I went home, I washed myself up and also my clothes but unfortunately, the rain suddenly started to pour, it was raining cats and dogs for a while before the sun came back. I reheated the Tom Yam soup from yesterday for today lunch, and eat those while watching YouTube.
I was laying down on bed and out of blue my roommate came by to the room. And guess what, I received one compliment from my roommate’s friend, “Oh yang ini yang kelakar tu ha? Blusher!”

Gosh! It supposed to be Blushy, not Blusher!

Exactly on 9:00pm, I received the Whatsapp message from my boyfriend. He was quite complaining that he was working very hard, skip eating meals, not having enough sleep too. It was quite worrisome and I hope everything is ease for him. Sometimes I wonder why he was working very hard, what’s the money all for? I don’t think it is about us, I don’t think it is about our marriage saving. Or is it because he has financial problem? 

I just hope he is not working too hard until he fall sick. I hate seeing people I love getting sick especially him. He even complained that his body is hurt. I even message my other friend what ‘body senak-senak’ means actually… but none of them can give the correct answer that I am willing to hear it. I even asked my mother some advices on what should I do with him but the most and best answer will be to support him no matter what, be there for him and try to help him. I love you my man. God will protect you if He wills it.

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