Sunday, September 16, 2018

My Best Moments in September before its end!

16 September 2018

I woke up earlier than usual. I saw my roommate Fitri was rushing to get ready to go out. I have no idea where she went until the moment Nurul told me about Pasar Pagi. Surprisingly, this is my first time to her about the Pasar Pagi thingy. 

Still on the bed, so I took a quick peep on another roommate who slept across my bed.  She was not on the bed, literally she also already woke up earlier than me and she had already shower. Actually today my college held these game activities for the students. It was called as Permainan Tradisional, there were a lot of interesting games include; Lawan Pemadam, Kerusi Beracun, Campak Lidi, Dam, Chess, Scrabble, Soccer ball paper, galah panjang and last but not least, Batu Seremban.
Exactly 10:00 am, I went for the games together with Nurul. And that was the moment when she shared the story about the Pasar Pagi. As soon as we have arrived there, we got ourselves registered on the main entrance. We were exposed about mini games too, such as Lanun. We kindly interested on that, but unfortunately we did not played it at all. Literally, Nurul and I were separated with one another. She went to play the Lawan Pemadam game and meanwhile me, I registered myself on playing Scrabble.

At first I thought nobody want to play along with me but then, these 3 fellow guys were volunteering to play scrabble together with me. They are somehow kind of bad at the game except this one fellow quiet guy. He totally quiet but when he tried to create one word he was absolutely the best. He seemed has very good sense. Surprisingly, he was the gentleman type because he helped me figure out new place to put my word. The game’s vibe sort of boring but we were relied on each other when we were in difficulty. 

And guess what, I won the first place, I got 222 points and beat them all. Another good news, Nurul also won the Lidi game.

I just found out that the winners need to gather at one place at 4pm, so that they can finalized the real winners among the previous winners. Unfortunately, not many of Scrabbles winners were coming down to play the game, thus I was being compete with a few people and again, I WON THE FIRST PLACE and I AM THE 2018 SCRABBLE CHAMPION!

I got two prizes in total, I received the smart pen together with 2012 Calendar and UiTM T-shirt. I was kindly disappointed because I received the stock items that were totally left out in UiTM store room.

The best part of today game event was that I could get more close with my guy friends and JPK friends, they totally ‘masuk air type of friend. Some of them treat each other with equality. We are one and nobody can break those walls!

Plus, surprisingly, my eldest was coming to my University place together with Adib. I love the fact Adib is tagging along with my sister. She brought me daging salai, apples and happily she bought me white rice and Tom Yam soup and Adib bought me 3 pieces of Apam Balik. I was thankful with these kind people around me. 

Not to forget, I gave 4 apples to Nurul because she was so keen to eat one on the previous days. I don’t know why but whenever I did good deeds, automatically there will be sincere smile on my face. I felt happy. Truly delightful on my deed!


  1. Interesting account of events. I enjoyed reading!

  2. I love scrabble and congratulations on winning the championship. Great post!


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